If you wait for me

*Review by dark Angel 

The promise by Tracy Chapman

I dont know why but I really, really love this song. The lyrics is very touching and the rhymth, I dont know how to express. It’s just come to my heart let my heart sing along with the song ^^

The lyrics – I’m not sure but maybe, maybe my situation is the same to the song. The woman in the song, she needs time to go, to find herself, to pursue her dreams in a long long time… but the only thing can make her come back is a promise. The promise of the one she love, just a promise to miss her, to wait her, think of her and give her a place in his heart. Just that, just waiting for her, she will come back.

A promise is not a deal by itself but the way they deal, the way they believe in each other, the love they share together and they know, they long for each other.

To be with you wherever you are, rememberring your touch, your kiss, your warm embrace, I find my way back to you, please say, you will be waiting

A place for me in your heart……

Just a sentence from the song, I love this sentence ^^

Even we must go a long long way, must go to the end of this world, the lovers always be the lovers, always belong to each other. Love is always there, nothing can seperate it, except by ourselves.

So, just give yourself a promise, a promise to waiting and the day will come to you by itself, the one you love will come to you… Just wait for them!

2 thoughts on “If you wait for me

  1. I am afraid of promise! I want it, some time; but i’m afraid of it. When you get s.o’s promise, the pain after breaking it will be more hurtful. Its strange, hah? I know, I’m in love, be loved but afraid of that.
    Well, with me ” the promise” can only be made when you love s.o deeply and dearly enough to have strength to keep it. Life, though, is harsh and may give us a lot of struggles, to have s.o promises to always stand by your side/ or waiting for you come back, give you his/her shoulder to lean on, hold you when you cry, etc… it is the most beautiful thing in the world!

  2. I’m not in love and be loved anymore,and Im afraid of love,that’s why Im still single.
    it’s hard to find the right person 4 urself,only the nearly right,but what we should do,i think we should trust ourselves and let it be.everything will be alright and no matter how far u go,that person will be always waiting for you to comeback in their embrace 🙂

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