Kiss the rain

*Review by dark Angel

Change your mood a bit with a soft and nice music like Kiss the rain of Yiruma ^^

Yiruma is a very famous pianist but well, I have just known about him from a song in Twilight movie – River flows in you (What a beautiful song!!!!). I must say that Yiruma is an extraordinary pianist. His hands, his rhythms, his music… all of them have worked together perfectly and have created the most beautiful songs ever.

Listening to Yimura tonight is a good choice for myself because I have a mid exam tomorrow – marketing and 2hours with econometrist, practice how to use Stata to analyze data == I hate them so so much >”< Studying economics is the biggest mistake in my life, because this major is not my strength, I prefer communicate , talking, listening or else than sitting in the office, planning about money, products, services… I know, economics is not that boring, but it is just not an interesting and suitable job to me.

A little chit chat about my study, even I do not like it, I still try my best ^^ I do not want to lose in the field I chose. Well, then something about my family. My mom and my sisters are fine, but my cousin is another problem == He is my mom’s older sister’s son and he is living with us now, because it is more convenient for his study. However, if you ask me to answer honestly, I must say, I hate him!

I know, no one is perfect and me, myself has many mistakes, so I will not judge any one. But this is too much and I cannot suppress my anger anymore. Living in a same house does not mean we have to like each other but I hope he has some respect to me, my mom and my sisters. I do not say that we must become a family but I ask you, if you living under the same roof with someone and they are acting like you are invisible and keep ignoring you. What would you do? Yeah, that is my case. He has his privacy, ok. He has his freedom, ok. But take a look, having your freedom does not mean you can ignore all the chores and act like you are a spoiled boy. It does not mean you can use belongings of any one without their permission (I do not selfish, I just want everyone asks me if they can use my things and I will gladly say yes!) or well, this is belong to everyone’s manner, but if someone keep eating your food without you know about it and when you want a piece of it – it was over. How do you think?

Recently, he does not talk to anyone in the house. I think he is isolated or mad (I really think so >”<), based on the way he is acting and if everything keeps going like that, my thinking will come true for sure.

Some words to complain about my situation == well, let Kiss the rain to forget about my, your problems and be ready for a new day, the new challenge and the new success ^^

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